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Who’s Your Mommy?


Who’s Your Mommy?

There are things they don’t tell you when you get pregnant, like the overwhelming love you feel for this new innocent being. Sure people said that I would love like I never knew love before but how the hell do I know what that means if I never knew it before. No one warns you about how terrifying it can be to love something so much. I think I would have appreciated if someone warned me by calling it what it is; paralyzing.

Paralyzing. Heavy. Okay Okay so there are a lot of postpartum hormones floating around but you get what I am saying.

With so much love, attention and focus on the baby.  How does mom keep her sanity?

What has worked for me thus far is keeping a healthy balance of taking care and loving my son as well as taking care and loving myself. What does that mean? That means not forgetting who I am. That means squeezing in time to keep the things in my life that define me, that make me feel good. The things I used to do, ya know, in my other life.

One of the best things I can do for my family, and our many years to come, is to make sure I don’t get lost. To make sure  who I am, who I have always been ( maybe the calmer version) does not get enveloped my by new duties as mommy of the year.

So who am I? First of all I am a mother and wife. Two very important things that make up my definition however if I just stopped there I would be walking around an unhappy woman because I would be suppressing the other part. The athlete, competitor, freaking FIREBREATHER ( at least in my own head).

I am determined to keep my same fitness level, competitive spirit and goals as before. I AM A MOM! Life is better, not over. My athletic goals will just be that much sweeter when I reach them.

…..Starting with my pre-prego body. I really can’t pretend that I am comfortable in my skin now. I know I am suppose to be thankful that my son is healthy and grateful that I am also however LETS GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD. BRING BACK THE ABS!

Four weeks after my cesarean section I began to do very basic, slow movements. Like stepping up on a twenty inch box. I made up very short workouts 2-7minutes comprised of basic movements that did not majorly engage my core  and did them every other day for two weeks.  They were fun, humbling and sometimes difficult to squeeze in but hey it was a slice of my day where I got to work on ME! (Except for the one workout where I had to do walking lunges around his car seat so that I could continuously rock him, then I got to do work on us)

Today was the big day. Today was the six weeks check up. Judgement day. What a relief it was. Completely cleared. Which was a little shocking. I thought he would have me wait another two weeks before I could exercise. Google had be convinced ! But no, released it is. What WOD did I do to celebrate?

A nap… for time.







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