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Which Way is Up?


Which Way is Up?

If you asked me if I knew what crossfit was 8 months ago I would have said, sure I have some idea…I have seen pictures and a few videos- I got it. Oh how wrong I was, I thought I knew, but in reality I had no idea.

I remember my first few WOD’s like they were yesterday. At the time I remember thinking, you will not die, just keep moving. I am still alive and without a doubt in the best shape I have ever been, so no Crossfit will not kill you, that I promise. When I say shape, I not only speak of my physical being, but the strength that I have found goes much deeper then my muscles, mentally I am a new woman- accepting challenges and knowing I will prevail…I might not be the first finished but I will finish.

Sometimes it is hard to wrap my brain around how much progress I have made in the world of Crossfit. Sure it is the hard work I put in, showing up every day, the coaching, but also the love and unconditional support from the box; they really are your second family. And just as that feeling settles in you quickly realize you have so much to learn, to perfect and are excited at the thought of tackling the laundry list that lies before you.

There are so many acronyms, movements, skills in the beginning it feels overwhelming, over time you learn them and quickly you see how there is always room for improvement. There is never an end, when you crossfit it is always a battle with yourself, moving faster than the last time, ultimately beating yourself and no one else.

I have made leaps and bounds from day one- I couldn’t even box jump 20 inches for the second WOD I did (I could I was just afraid) today I am a jumping fool. There are days you kill the WOD and you say “I am woman hear me roar” and other days you are like I have some work to do. Like I said it is a constant evolution of the self.

I have certainly rediscovered the competitor in me, my confidence is at an all time high and my pant size is at an all time low. For me crossfit is not just about fitness, it really develops the whole self and that is why I find it so addicting…who doesn’t want to love and nourish their whole self? No one that I want to be around that is for sure.

Today I know that I there is nothing I can’t do, if I put in the time the skill will come. Keep your eyes peeled for my firsts…there are a bunch of them and just like me, you too can do it.

I encourage you to test yourself, take a chance on yourself and rise up to the challenge.






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