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Too Soon For Spandex?


Too Soon For Spandex?

Okay Okay, I know the answer is yes but what if I am wearing them because they are red and it is the Christmas WOD and not because they fit. What if I put myself in the back corner so no one really sees? Do I get a pass?


Getting back into shape is terrifying. Not only do the clothes that once provided me comfort and confidence now make me feel like I don’t even know who I am, but man I am in bad shape. I got in shape once before, that was miserable. Since then, I’ve worked my butt off to keep myself in a place I was very happy with and then BAAMM! Square one.

Ever try chest to bar pull ups while breast feeding?  Yeah, terrible idea. I’ll save you the pain and just tell you to skip on those for awhile or pump directly before. Really I shouldn’t complain because if I can survive explosive baby poop to the face, chest and INSIDE THE MOUTH (I’ve heard my share of “So what does shit taste like?” jokes so come up with something different) in the middle of the night, that getting back into shape can’t be THAT scary. You could imagine my horror and my husbands laughter.


What seems to be the hardest part is coming up with a plan. I am a very structured person. I like to have a general, set agenda. Before baby I worked out at a certain time, ate at the same time, generally the same foods and went to bed at the same time – unless some bad guys got out of hand 😉 If you have kids then you are probably hysterically laughing at me right now. Once you have a baby there are no plans. No concrete routines. You are at the mercy of your new addition. The best thing I have been able to do is plan by having no plan. Every day I go into the gym knowing, maybe I’ll workout and maybe I won’t. Maybe it’ll be at 1pm, maybe it’ll be at 5pm.  Maybe I’l get started and have to stop. Maybe I’ll have to make him part of the workout and swing him in his car seat fifty-bazillion times (for time).


I’ve learned quickly to ditch the plans and work off of ideas. I have IDEAS of what I want to do. I also have back up ideas for when those original ideas fall apart before my very eyes!





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