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The End of the Paleo Challenge


The End of the Paleo Challenge

Calling all Cave People

Seems like just yesterday I picked myself up off the ground after completing Fran and began the Paleo challenge; yet here we are 8 weeks later looking fabulous, but still dreading Fran. Damn you Fran, I would go another 8 weeks with none of my favorite cheats (pizza…mmmm pizza) if I could erase you and your wrath from my mind. I like to compare Fran to child birth (no I have no children), but I hear women block out the pain, makes sense because the population of the world is growing at a rapid rate!

Any way lets focus here…the Paleo challenge. First, I am sure all of you like me get asked all the time “what is Paleo?” and as you being to explain the person who asked, they begin to look at you like you are nuts. I have heard it all from I could never live without (insert any no-no here), to how could you ever eat out, and my favorite is being compared to the hunger games…call me Catniss if you will; it will not stop me, nuts and seeds here I come.  Bottom line it is a life style that can be modified to suite the needs of each person and the best part, you feel AMAZING!

It has been awesome partaking in the Paleo challenge with my fellow box mates, such a great source of motivation. Not only did I think twice when I had a moment of weakness, but I knew that back home I have an array of delicious Paleo approved recipes thanks to my fellow crossfitters. Some of them are so good that they will become part of my mainstream menu planning for years to come.

To be honest, I did cheat. I went out to eat with a group of people to this fabulous Japanese restaurant in NYC and they are known for their Ramen noodles, what is a girl to do…I had to eat them. Sorry to disappoint, but honestly they were worth it, this coming from a girl who is not the biggest fan of soup. It was more then a bowl of soup, it was an experience. If you are ever in SOHO you have to go to Ippudo, arrive early, a line literally forms outside the door- and enjoy…seriously illegal to have ramen noodles taste so good. That was my one and only cheat; I don’t regret it at all. In the end I believe that you have to make exceptions sometimes, in this case totally worth it.

With that said, even before this challenge began I try to eat Paleo the majority of the time with the exception of a little dairy sometimes. Even after it is over and I indulge in pizza, I will try my best to remain as Paleo as I can. Why you ask…because I just feel better when I do.

Crossfit is intense, we push out bodies to the limit almost daily and we need to feed our bodies right, we take of it and it will take care of us. Paleo is ideal, it gives me the energy to get through the WOD’s and keeps me full so I am not craving snacks all day. So I hope that if it was your first go at eating Paleo that you learned that eating clean is equally if not more satisfying then eating like you did before and that you continue to incorporate some of the awesome foods and recipes into your life for many years to come.

One day left people, we can do it…the rewards far surpass the sacrifices.

Now onto the Open…let the games begin (I’m sorry, couldn’t resist!)


Eat on,

briz xo



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