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The Briz’s 13.3 sentiments.


The Briz’s 13.3 sentiments.


First word that came to mind once 13.3 was announced: ouch. Wall balls…I knew before I even completed the WOD that I would have trouble walking properly for a few days; oh how correct I was.

Crossfit for most is about challenging yourself, pushing your body and mind to the limit, surpassing what you “think” you are capable. So my goal was to get through the 150 wall balls and a cherry on top would have been a few double unders. It seemed like a reasonable goal and after all, I had plan a & b to rely on to get me through it…anyone that crossfits know that “plans” usually go out the window (I am no exception to this). I also have never completed Karen, once I was on vacation and the other time I was in no condition to wall balling…if you know what I mean. So, I did not have much to compare this huge number too; I think the most wall balls I have ever done in a row was 50, but even that I am not sure. So I was going into 13.3 blind and hoping that I have been working hard enough to make it through.

I began feeling pretty good, able to maintain some type of a decent pace; about 80 things got hairy. My coach warned me that 80-110 was going to be the hardest and boy was she right. I managed to keep my mind out of the dark side, but my pace (if that’s what you want to call it) was slowing, I was about 110 with 90 seconds to go, I realized that I would not get my 150 wall balls; but I kept moving and ended up with a 132 (only no repped two times). It was over, I was dead on the floor, disappointed, but also thinking I didn’t quit, I kept moving, I gave it my best and in the end that is all that matters.

I can only speak for myself, but I feel like this Open has opened my eyes to every single weakness that I have (the list was already long, now I am adding on). So I take on the mentality that over time, I can improve and cross things off my list, so that next year maybe I can surpass my personal goals. With that said the Open is not over, so I still have two more chances to see if I can reach my goal.

This week for 13.4 I will be in Florida, WODing in a foreign place. Luckily I will have a fellow crossfitter with me and I know we will do our best to represent NJ and our respective boxes. So kick ass Arx athletes and I will see you for the conclusion of the 2013 Crossfit Open.


Happy Woding,





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