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THE BRIZ takes on 13.2


THE BRIZ takes on 13.2


Anticipation for the announcement…what will be the 13.2 WOD be? Wednesday night, I, like most of you watched the face off on the web, and there it is the second WOD of the 2013 Open. Honestly, I was excited, the weight totally doable, the movements I am comfortable and confident that I can perform them with no problems, okay now I am excited. Then of course I found myself sitting there doing the math, how many rounds/reps can I get in the ten minutes allowed. This mental conversation was quite comical (you had to be there), but I figured I could reach 200 reps and hopefully break 200, even if it was only 201.

Before I get ahead of myself, let me rewind to Tuesday morning. I wake, feeling off and shortly into my shower realize I am sick, I have a fever, my chest is tight and congested…awesome. I stayed home, slept, ate soup, drank lots of water and slept some more. I knew that if I behaved myself and did what any normal sick person would do I could be at least 90% better by Saturday (that is when I was planning on completing 13.2). I took another day off from work and continued to rest, luckily the fever broke; now I was dealing with the congestion, the sneezing and coughing. As the week progressed I was getting better, sleep was not consistent, but I continued to treat myself to the neti pot treatments twice a day, Vick’s vapor rub on my feet at night with socks (sounds crazy, but it stops coughing and helps me sleep, seriously, it works, try it), taking my OTC meds faithfully…I was winning. Yes! Then Friday night came…zero sleep, seriously, I would have shortened my life by one week to get 4 solid hours, I need to WOD in the morning is all I could think. I woke after 2 hours of shitty sleep feeling slightly delusional and thought well this is not how I planned on feeling the morning of, but it was D-day.

I texted my coach in a panic, I really thought I would not be able to repeatedly round after round lift 75 lbs. over my head, I felt weak. So off I went not feeling confident, but the time had come. I would be WODing in the second heat, I warmed up, and then the anxiety set in…telling myself to breath and it was only a WOD I cheered on my fellow crossfitters. Then it was my turn, 3, 2, 1…go. Surprisingly the shoulders to over head was not a challenge, I definitely slowed as rounds passed, but I was getting through it; true to form the box jumps were by far where I wasted the most time. After ten minutes I was done- I did it, 13.2 was complete. I ended up 12 reps short of my 201 with a total of 189; I couldn’t be too upset considering I was running on fumes and still was barely breathing out of my nose.

You can’t win them all, but at least I tried. I look forward to being healthy for the rest of the open and continuing to challenge myself and work on my weaknesses. I still feel humble to be participating and I am still amazed at the athleticism that I get to witness.

And now to not die from wall balls…





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