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Show me the love


Show me the love

It is hard to find words to describe the type of community crossfit is; each box really becomes a family in every sense of the word. There are those you love to death and genuinely look forward to seeing and WODing with and there are those that are like 2nd generation cousins; happy to see them, but you know you won’t see them again until the holidays. There are the loud ones, the funny ones, the quite ones and the grumpy ones- but they are all necessary, they make the “family” what it is. It really is something that has to be experienced and it a personal experience- different for everyone who walks in the door.

I have not experienced the games in person, but on television I feel a sense of comradery between the athletes and I know that boxes from around the world are mingling happily together. I would love to see this spread between the local boxes, it really should be a given; after all we are all working toward the same goals…right?

Well bestow my heart, I was not only witness, but actively involved in this community collaboration on Saturday at my box, Crossfit Arx. This past Saturday was the Sandy Hook benefit and my box was the local box participating in the event. I arrived early and was full of excitement, not only because I was part of something bigger than myself, but because I knew I was going to share it with my “family,” my best friend, a couple of co-workers and crossfitters from other local boxes.

I was high from the energy, I WODed my heart out for the kids, it would have been impossible to slow down anyway…the room was consumed with undeniable love- we had a common goal, our hearts were in the same place.

The experience was overwhelming, I don’t think I have felt that much positive energy in a room in years- and I think imagine what we could accomplish if we did this more often???

I left feeling amazing, like I was walking on a cloud. I took a 3 hour nap, I crashed, it was too much to handle…I loved it.

I feel like I am part of something that can only produce good, I feel blessed to be part of something that has the ability to generate so much positivity. I am lucky to be able to share my sweat, accomplishments, and failures with my “family,” if only everyone were so lucky.

In a world that has a difficult time reporting more than 5 minutes of positive news on television, it is walking into my box and seeing my “family” that reminds me to be grateful for what I have. Crossfit is so much more then working out and like I originally said, it is hard to put into words…my best advice, Come Get Some and decide for yourself!





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