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Scan OUT!


Scan OUT!

Congratulations ! Six weeks have absolutely FLOWN by. I am so impressed by the progress I’ve seen from the consistent training and clean eating!

Now lets get down to business and see where all this hard word has brought us in the number game.

We are going to scan out a little differently than we scanned in. We are going to schedule appointments every 5 minutes beginning at 7am. This will last until 10:00am.

You will arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time.We will need you to stand the entire time you are waiting for your appointment to let the fluids in your body settle in the correct places after your drive to the gym. You will scan out and then you will not need to stay. We will announce the winner as soon as our expert scoring analysts have reviewed the data.

Remember that you must not eat or drink coffee before your scan BUT you MUST be well hydrated.

Please respond in the comments with the time you would like to scan out. Take a moment to scroll through the comments to see if your time has been taken.

Please also respond with your biggest take away from these 6 weeks.

Thank you so much for doing this challenge with us and for trusting us to guide you through this process.

20 Responses

  1. Jessica Madera

    Biggest takeaway is not having food prepped could lead to a disaster; at least for me. It’s so helpful to have things prepped or the right food/snacks around. Will always try to do this from now on!

  2. Nick Clark

    Biggest takeaway:

    Planning and prep are only as good as the execution and follow through.

    It’s been great to get back to eating in a controlled way instead of the free for all it was during the holidays and before the challenge. Looking forward to scanning out and seeing the results!!!

  3. Michele G

    9am, please. The biggest take away was the need to plan meals. Like Jess said, not planning can lead to poor eating. I also liked the camaraderie of the challenge with everyone sharing recipes, etc. Congratulations to everyone who participated and tried their best!

  4. Paul A.

    7:15 please. Biggest take away is how much fat I was taking in. Astonishing. I intend to continue to count my macros. I would also like to have a consultation some time in the future for any adjustments I will need as I progress (and get back on a regular 3-times-a-week routine!).

  5. Rosie

    I’m not in town Saturday 😭

    Biggest takeaway? I’ve learned that lack of proper sleep and meal prepping are the main things holding me back, even if I’m eating well and staying otherwise healthy. I know my body better now in terms of nutrition and performance.

  6. Noelle

    9:30am please.

    My biggest take away is that I need to keep working on my macros and meal planning skills. And ROMWOD is really good, especially after working out.

  7. Joanna Clark

    My biggest takeaway is consistency. Been through programs like this before but the consistency was never there. Feel good about what I have accomplished these 6 weeks!

  8. Alexia

    My biggest takeaway from these 6 weeks is that hydration is a key to success (for me, anyway). I made it a point to log my water intake along with my food, and can honestly say the days when I was properly hydrated, it was easier to stay within my allotted macros.

  9. Olivia Kennedy

    My biggest takeaway is the importance of finding balance. This is a common issue I (and I’m sure others) battle with; I allow myself to fall out of other areas when I start a new endeavor that I become immersed in. Finding the balance between everything is something I am still working on, but this challenge gave me some practice :).

    I would like to take the 7:05 a.m. time slot…that’ll force me to get to the Grit workout :P!

  10. Jenn


    My biggest take away is that your mind can be either friend or foe during a workout. If you think you can, then your body pushes forward. If you think you can’t, it’s a real struggle to get your body to keep going.

  11. Keri

    8:45am Friday Morning!!

    A few of my biggest takeaways from this challenge are:
    1. My body feels a heck of a lot better, MAJOR difference, going strict paleo (even though I need my shrimp tacos here and there lol)
    2. Recovery – My recovery during this challenge has been great day in and day out.. the altered macros, paleo, and a ton of ROMWOD (which I will continue to do) definitely did the trick!
    3. Mentality – improving my process over outcome mentality with daily practices; in class, at barbell, open gym, in the kitchen, and even at work

    Overall, it was truly a mind + body transformation!
    Thanks for all the daily motivation/inspiration!

  12. Erik Fazio

    7:10am please.

    Biggest takeaway is the need for consistency. Have to stay consistent with diet and working out for success. Meal planning helps avoid poor eating choices when you’re as last minute as I am. Also, try to avoid going on vacation in the middle of a challenge.

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