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Paleo Eating


Paleo Eating

The paleo diet, coming from the Paleolithic period (aka the Stone Age), is a style of eating that eliminates moderns foods from your diet following the idea that our bodies were designed to process most efficiently and healthily when fed natural foods provided by the earth. Following this diet eliminates high fat and processed foods which has helped to combat obesity, heart disease and diabetes. These trends have been observed with great success as this diet has gained in popularity.

So what can you eat?

Meats: preferably lean cuts. Organic, Grass-fed, and Conner Ranch raised, are all very nice, however, not a NECESSITY to follow the diet. Those are more issues of preference although there is a health component, let’s attack one issue at a time. Can we just throw eggs in this category too? They are a “YES”!

Vegetables : No green beans or peas . Oh come on, like you are mad about that!

Fruits: This will be a major source of carbs for you. Try to get more vegetables in as your carbs than fruit. Fruit will be the easier road if struggling to get enough carbs. Remember carbs are ENERGY! ROAR!

Nuts and Seeds: These are gonna be major for snacking. The only no-go in this category will be peanuts. Why? Peanuts (and beans) are legumes and interfere with your body’s processes. Want to have nightmares? Click here

Sweet Potatoes : ? Can that be it’s own category ? There is some controversy over this. We are going to allow them for our challenge.

Oils: You are good to go to cook in olive, flaxseed, coconut and walnut.

What to avoid?

Fun, happiness, freedom. JUST KIDDING! First of all, this is America. Second, this diet is so simple. My favorite part is that I’m actually FULL. You will find foods you really enjoy and ways to enjoy foods that are not permitted. For instance, miss spaghetti? Zucchini noodles with spaghetti sauce to the rescue! Get creative. You can do this.

But back to what to avoid. Dairy (yogurt, milk, cheese etc), breads, pastas, oats, cereals, white potatoes, alcohol, processed sugar (as I type this Everly is jumping up and down yelling, ” I WANT ICE CREAM!” Sorry kid, you’re a cave baby now) are all on the no list.

Speaking of. There is one possible negative side effect. You could turn into caveman. Remember, you signed a waiver.

The good news? I think cavemen had six packs!?

Author’s notes: I wrote an article about food and I used the word controversy. What a time to be alive.

26 Responses

  1. Jessica Madera

    I tried paleo about 8 or 9 years ago but didn’t have it structured to macros. I also gave up extremely quick. But after having counted macros last year, counting paleo macros isn’t all too different. Definitely some adjustments but you can still really eat a lot of foods you may have already eaten, just in more moderation. Eggs thank goodness! Fruit yes please! Bacon?! Absolutely yes! & thank goodness for my sweet potatoes and plantains because I do miss rice already!

  2. Emily Hodecker

    Thank goodness I do not have to break up with pickles. Fermented, spicy vegetables are my favorite foods!

    Oh and coconut oil. It’s magic, you know.

  3. Paul Avenoso

    Green beans??? A no no? Ummm you’d think someone would’ve told me that! I know she saw me eating them. I ate like two cups yesterday trying make up my carbs. And speaking of a certain someone, she bought a whole bunch of Halloween candy on sale. Nothing like a little extra challenge 🤬. Dangling the carrot! Or in this case M & M’s and Whoppers. Are green beans considered a legume?

  4. Nick Clark

    In an anthropological sense “paleo” is a good idea for a diet as cavemen didn’t know what a preservative even was, as for me; post modern homosapien, I regrettably do. It’s only been a couple of days and getting the foods down for macro values has been a little bit of a struggle, I do love seafood though so that helps with staying on target. I miss not eating my feelings :p

  5. Marilyn

    I love that I can have bacon and eggs.

    I’m like Jessica. Tried paleo and felt the best I’ve ever felt and when I stopped that’s when the weight came back on.

  6. Michele Goodwin

    Loved this! Anxious to try this way of eating to see how it affects not only weight loss and muscle gain, but athletic performance! I look forward to being a cave woman 🙂

  7. Keri T.

    We may only be a few days into this, but I thought I was going to miss my rice and Ezekiel bread. I feel much better without it and the adjustment was not difficult!

    I’m super happy I can still eat plantains! So many different options to mix them into meals and snacks!

  8. Lynn

    Thank goodness for fruits and veggies. It’s still going ng to be a little tricky, but I’m all in and hopefully I will learn a lot with how the Paleo diet works.
    Let’s do this! I’m excited to see my results at the end all ready. I hope I achieve what I want. Good luck everyone:-)

  9. Olivia Kennedy

    Hi everyone!

    What surprised me was the results I saw from combining this diet with the My Fitness Pal that helps track the nutrients you eat throughout the day. I always knew that fruits and vegetables are healthy but seeing the nutrients detailed on the app was shocking. One day I had eaten an apple, grapes and a tomato and cucumber salad and had only reached 400 calories. We’re not calorie counting here, but this difference surprised me. Previously I thought “low calorie” foods were around 100-200 calories and now I’m seeing how much I can eat for a fraction of the damages.

  10. Joanna Clark

    Thrilled to still have eggs in my life (my go-to breakfast). And I’ll take all the fruits I can get. It’s definitely been a learning curve this week, but looking forward to the end goal!

  11. Mariana

    As the first week is coming to an end, I must admit I am starting to feel good and able to control my cravings. At the same time I am also beginning to miss the foods I had to give up. So, there seems to be other challenges now – to keep on tracking, pack foods to go when i go out, drink water and lots of it and to stay positive and motivated. This is a challenging journey, but it shows me what I am made of.

    Best of luck to everyone!!

    Keep on pushing forward!

  12. Craig

    Whole eggs and nuts will be my fat content for the day. That’s the only part I have trouble with. I have a hard time going “paleo” without my fat macros going through the roof. Any suggestions?

  13. Ana

    I have done the Paleo diet before and it worked really good for me, right now I’m having a hard time eating enough protein and balancing it all

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