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On Being Coachable…


On Being Coachable…

You show up to class. You’ve been coming to the box for several months and you feel like you really have a handle on what is going on.

You kinda pay attention in the warm up, I mean, you’ve done these movements before and there are two incredibly adorable kids running around competing for your attention.

You’ve had a busy, stressful, day. You’ve been looking forward to this workout. You’ve peeked at the scores from the day and set your goals. You are just waiting for the countdown so you can work up a good sweat, blow off some steam and feel less guilty about that beer you are going to have this weekend. (Well not YOU. YOU aren’t having a beer. You are in the midst of a 6 week challenge after all).

It finally happens, the clock starts and the coach signals you to go. You are off to hit your goal for the workout. Then it starts, that mean lady who just wants to ruin your day and slow your time down starts saying trivial things like, “Widen your hands”, “Toes and heels in a straight line”, “Squat lower”, “Keep your heels on the ground”, “Push those knees out”, and of course, “Elbows up!”.

You might think, “who cares where my feet are”. “Nothing hurts and I am feeling better than I ever have!”, you say. That might even be true.

For now .. da da dummm.

We, as your coaches, have big, lofty goals for you. No really. We talk amongst each other about where we think you’ll be in a year. We discuss all the awesome things that we know you can do but you don’t yet believe. We may dream bigger than you about you. Wait…that sounded weird.


Remember the little corrections we are making are with your long term health in mind. We make changes out of care for you. We know it can be frustrating when you are trying to move as fast as you can, can’t hear what we are saying between your breathing, pounding heart, and Taylor Swift. However, taking the time to slow down, understand the correction, actually make the correction and then continuing to focus on the correction for the rest of the workout could avoid long term frustration, injury, and being unable to workout for long periods of time. And that would make us all sad and we aren’t here to be sad.

Respond with the number one correction you hear while working out.

19 Responses

  1. Jessica Madera

    Pull the bar into my hips. I have a tendency to pull the barbell out too far & not close to my body. Also, James loves to correct me on my squats lol. Practice makes perfect even after doing CrossFit for so many years!

  2. Rosie Lubin

    Catching the bar from high pulls as part of a more complex movement ie cleans etc. including but not limited to full extension and neck alignment. Also, I get frustrated and go too easy at times.

  3. Noelle

    Hi all,
    The number one correction that I hear while working out has to be “chest up” or “proud chest”, especially when the fatigue has settled in well and good. 🙂

  4. Alexia

    It’s a toss up between ‘keep your chest up’ and ‘elbows up’…but when I keep these corrections in mind, it really helps! Oh, and ‘jump straight up’ when doing double unders because I tend to bend at the waist which causes me to travel around the gym…backwards…lol!!!

  5. Ryan Dolan

    “Hey (fill in the blank with a Dolan) point those toes straight!” I find that more as a joke, and I can speak for my family on this one because we can’t help it. We’re certainly not annoyed by that because it’s funny how it applies to all 4 of us

  6. Emily H

    It’s a tie between: “Keep your chest up!” AND “Your squat is too low.”

    How I get both feedbacks in equal frequency, I just do not know.

  7. Michele G

    Too many to name lol, but I think it’s a toss up between “elbows up” , “drop under the bar, Michele!”, and “press your knees out when coming up from the squat”. But, I appreciate the corrections!

  8. Nick Clark

    Feet wider….not that wide…..a little wider than that, don’t shift your weight forward/backward, keep moving, lift the bar closer to your hips yadda yadda yadda.

  9. Keri

    The most common correction I hear is “LOWER”. I’m feel like I’m hearing it a less than the norm these days, so that’s progress. HOWEVER, it’s permanently stuck in my head, so I hear it all the time!

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