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Life after a 4,6, or 10 week challenge.


Life after a 4,6, or 10 week challenge.


So you did it, you built up the courage to join a challenge. Maybe you’ve done one before or maybe you haven’t worked out in years. There are even a few of you who can say that you have NEVER worked out.

Now what? What happens next?

  1. Continue your fitness.  Don’t let time go by between your challenge and the next fitness program you begin. If you are comfortable where you are, then sign up for the next phase or get a membership beyond that challenge program. If you want to step it up or try another program, be sure to do your research.
  2. Choose a fitness program. Most training programs will offer a free trial of some sort. Whether you take a free class, a free week of classes, or even sit down to meet a prospective coach and watch a class, be sure to check for a few things.
    1. Be sure actual instruction is going on. It’s not enough that there is a coach present to tell you when to start and stop the workout.
    2. Are corrections being made to athletes during a workout?  You aren’t paying for a cheerleader. If a coach does not care enough to ensure you are doing movements safely and correctly, you could be on the fast track to injury. 
    3. Hows the vibe? Is the atmosphere friendly and welcoming? To hit your goals, you have to WANT to show up. You will be spending a lot of time with these people, make sure they rock.
    4. Is the facility clean? Because, ew!
    5. What is the condition of the equipment? If a gym takes care of their equipment, I guarantee you that they will take care of you. 
    6. Make sure the program is sustainable. This means that this is something without time constraints. Instead of signing up for a program with an end date, (another 4,6 or 10 weeks) try jumping into a program that flows throughout the year and is flexible with your schedule. 
  3. Set yourself up for success. Be optimistic, but remain realistic when planning your weekly schedule. Choose classes that work easily with your schedule. You will probably have to do some shuffling initially but do your best to choose days and times that don’t add too much stress to your day.



Yours in Heath & Fitness,

Lauren Conner



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