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Lesson Learned; 13.2


Lesson Learned; 13.2



If you can finish one of these WOD’s and are still able to stand on your own two feet, on your own, you did not give it everything you had. This was the harsh truth I had to face this past week.


As we all know 13.2 was meant to be a sprint. The strategy and pacing of 13.1 seemed to take a back seat to the sprinter, no rest mentality of 13.2. However I did not feel the same anxiety as I did with the previous week. Was it because of the lighter weight? Or perhaps I took the box jumps too lightly. Whichever it was I knew for one thing I was semi relaxed and to be honest that actually bothered me. With those feelings aside I dove right into 13.2 with no strategy thinking, “It’s only 10 minutes. I can hold on for that long”.


When I finished 13.2 I knew something was wrong. The timer was at 0:00 but I was standing. Granted I was breathing heavy enough but I was standing. I had finished 8 complete round getting up to my 7th box jump. Not a terrible score by any means but by my own personal standards something felt off. As the next few days came and went I still felt like I wasn’t happy with my performance.


Ultimately myself as well as a few others decided we needed to give 13.2 another shot. This was not something we wanted to do but unfortunately it was something we had to do. Much more thought went into the preparation for this wod. I could not tell if I was nervous because I did not want to do the wod again, or was I truly feeling my nerves this time knowing that this was my last opportunity. Either way off I went. I remember feeling more in control the second time but at the same time I could tell I was giving it a hundred percent. I knew I was giving it everything I had because at certain points I felt as if I could pass out right there on the spot. This was the feeling I was missing but thankfully I had found it again. My fellow crossfitters knew my pain and knew exactly what to say to keep me going.


When I finished for the second time I do not remember much. I think if I wanted to I could have passed out right on the spot. Oh and if you haven’t realized it yet I am in the fetal position and I can’t tell if I am crying or there is just sweat in my eye. I do not need to tell you my score the second time around but I can tell you it is a score that reflects the amount of effort I put in.


As we go into 13.3 these next few days I do not think anyone will take her lightly. The wall ball is a terrible equalizer and can easily stop you in your tracks if you are not careful. This is a wod that requires a steady mind as well as a solid plan of attack. Take the time in the next coming days to ready your self mentally. Let’s all go into this wod knowing that we will not do it again. Give it everything and I mean everything you have got and I guarantee you will be happy with your score.



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