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July Athlete of the Month: MIKE!!


July Athlete of the Month: MIKE!!


Congratulations to Mike who is our July AOM. Mike came to us in April when we first opened our doors for promotional classes. When Mike was told to squat lower, he would respond that his knees don’t “bend that way”. Mike would spend more time cursing at the jump rope then actually jumping. Squat cleans and wall balls? Both were done on his toes. However Mike never complained; never  said anything was too hard, never whined about a workout.  He asks questions when he doesn’t understand and welcomes critiques.


Now when you watch Mike WOD, he is a completely different athlete. Mike squats well below parallel, can bang out a few II Unders and cleans like a boss. He can also be thanked for your sweet t-shirt slogan ” Come Get Some”.

Keep up the hard work Mike! It is paying off.



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