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Inversion is for ME


Inversion is for ME


Less than a month ago I FINALLY got my first handstand and not to mention two one minute handstand holds shortly there after…hurray! I feel it necessary to mention that my Coach snapped a photo of this little event and say to me something along the lines “You got your handstand, but it’s ugly, your feet/legs need to be closer together, so do you want an ugly picture or a pretty one?” Needless to say I got my butt back up there and got my pretty picture.

For those of you who have been WODing with me from the beginning you know this has been a touchy subject. Once I was over the fear of throwing myself at a wall it seemed like I was always going to be the “kick up queen,” not saying I gave up, but you could say I was frustrated. I did see progress and for sometime I knew I was close, it was just a matter of time before I was upside down with my fellow crossfitters.

Let me also mention that I have never been gymnastically inclined. The best you were getting from me was a somersault, this girl never mastered the cartwheel, a handstand even against the wall seemed like a daunting task.

Happily I have checked this off the list. However, today during the warm up I was quickly reminded how important it is to practice these new skills. I did not manage to heave myself up  on the wall for the first one minute handstand hold…but I did get up there for 44 seconds the second time around. I thought to myself, at least one handstand hold after every WOD for the next month or so and this will never be an issue again.

So as a beginner in the world of Crossfit, I encourage you to check these small milestones off one at a time, preferably with a huge grin on your face and just remember; anything is attainable, just keep on trying, if at first you don’t succeed try and try again.

Happy hand standing,



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