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Here We Go Again


Here We Go Again

If any of you are like me then you probably burned out the refresh button on your computer checking the rankings this past week. I am sure emotions ran high, first starting with excitement, then frustration as you watched your rank drop a hundred places within ten minutes, frustration turned to panic as the hours and minutes leading up to Sunday night seemed to take forever, and finally acceptance as we realize there is nothing we can do until next week. The conversations at the box quickly change from how horrible 13.1 was to theories and strategies as to what 13.2 will be and how to handle it.


As I am writing this post Thursday night we already know what 13.2 is. Are you excited? I would be lying if I said I was not. For some of us we feel that these shorter all or nothing WOD’s are our specialty. For others who prefer longer more paced WOD’s you may be as nervous as I was last week. Personally I am just happy I am not curled in a ball rocking back and forth telling myself it will be ok like last week.


It was very interesting to see the different ways people coped with the pressure of 13.1 last week. For some I am sure there was no pressure as you where genuinely participating for the fun of it. Others however showed different signs that they were stressed. Some people preferred a more relaxed group atmosphere when preparing and others (myself included) felt that they needed to segregate themselves and focus solely on the task at hand. I am sure for anyone who observed myself and the few others who chose to suffer in solitude it must have been a comical sight. Eyes glazed over mumbling to ourselves and each other, sometimes not even making sense but simply moving from one stretch to the next wondering how awful the next seventeen minutes are about to be.


I’m positive it was no surprise to anyone how awful 13.1 was while they were doing it. What I was surprised to discover was how much strength my fellow CrossFitter’s who were tirelessly cheering us on gave to me. I might not have noticed at first. In fact the only thing I could think at first was “really…..40 burpees!!!”. Soon after however I could feel them watching, cheering, and understanding the pain I was going through. I may be exaggerating here, but I swear I could feel the building shake as I got my first 165 snatch and my friends erupted into a sea of cheers and incoherent screams. It was then that I realized that the only reason we have these moments where we feel so tall is because there are so many of our friends lifting and pushing us up.


With 13.2 right around the corner here are some more tips that I feel will help you be successful this week. The first thing is that you have to keep busy. Whether it is playing with your kids, reading a book, cooking your meals for the week, or taking the dog for a walk you have to keep your mind as far away from the WOD as possible. It is ok to think about it and strategize but do not make that your sole obsession because it will eat you alive. I thought about 13.1 so much last week by the time it came around I was basically a zombie.


The second tip I have for you is to be careful how much you psych yourself up beforehand. The day of 13.1 I spent the entire day watching videos and listening to pump up music. I felt great at the time but I almost exhausted myself trying to get pumped up. Like I said last week, save it for the ride there and the minutes beforehand, I guarantee it will do more for you than a days worth of watching ROCKY.


Let’s attack 13.2 with the same intensity that we went after 13.1. We unknowingly created a support system that just will not allow any of us to fail. I drove away from the box last week happy because I knew I left everything there on the floor and I intend to do the same this week. The question is my friends, what do you intend to do?


-Johnny Boy-

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