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He whose life has a why can bare almost any how


He whose life has a why can bare almost any how

Frederick Nietzsche perfectly encapsulated proper motivation in his famous quote. However pure motivation is not enough to keep your efforts organized and moving forward. You will need more than just understanding your “why”. You will need to outline your “how” or “hows”.

It is supremely important to create habits in your day, or automatic systems that help you take steps forward towards your goals. These become subconscious decisions that have already been made for you. Every day you know that you will simply complete your tasks and in doing so, you will be going to sleep that night a step closer to your goal.

You may already have some habits in place. Think about your morning routine . Take a look at what you did this morning after you woke up. How much of that was automatic? What are the things you do every morning while your brain is barely functioning because you know it gets you closer to your end goal of getting out of the door. Good or bad, those are your morning habits.

Habits help us connect our daily activities with our large abstract goal. It is not simply good enough just to say, “I want to lose weight”. We must define how we will get there. It isn’t even enough to say, “I will work out every day to lose weight”. We need to go a step further to create a habit chain such as;

  1. I will pack my gym bag with clothes, snacks, shoes, water etc. the night before.
  2. I will take my bag with me in my car to work.
  3. I will go directly from work to the gym. I will use any extra time before class for self care (rolling, stretching, or engaging in hour long conversations with Marcy) or core work.

This eliminates the opportunity for excuses such as, I don’t have time to go home to get changed. Or, I went home to get changed, sat down and never got back up again. Or, there is too much time between when work ends and the next class begins.

We can help ourselves take steps towards success by creating habits and eliminating the need to make a decision at a time we may lack motivation. We will all face days where we don’t feel like doing the things we know we need to do, no matter how badly we want our goal or desire the end result.

Please respond in comments with a new habit you’ve put in place since the challenge has started.

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  1. Erik Fazio

    Habits are so important. That’s why I try to go in the morning. I’ve been there where I try to go after work and end up staying home. Or on days off from work I’ll decide to sleep in and say “I’ll go at 12….ok no I’ll go to 430…530 etc etc” and then I end up missing them all. I wanted to use this challenge as a way to jump start me back into the habit of working out and eating right.

  2. Jessica Madera

    1. Food shopping the day before meal prep so my entire day is not consumed & I can enjoy the rest of my day after meal prep. 2. Keeping meals simple so I am not overwhelmed with trying to make the macros fit 3. Making sure I plug in my macros the night before so I know I am on target 4. Prepping my meals, snacks, gym bag the night before so I have no excuse to fail

  3. Noelle

    “…engaging in hour long conversations with Marcy…” LOL! That’s great! 🙂
    A new habit? I’m not sure. Plugging my macros into the My Fitness App on a regular basis. Eating jerky to keep up with my protein requirements. Drinking even more water. I guess those work, right?

  4. Gerard

    I think Noelle and Jessica bring up a good point. Being more aware of what is fueling your body (fitness app), has made me more conscious to make better selections. At first, finding food that fits the numbers is challenging. The process gets easier as time goes on. Life is all about choices, but having good habits makes getting to your goal without ALWAYS thinking about it.

  5. Lynn

    I’m constantly thinking about how to fuel my body. And I carry my gym bag every day.
    I do keep a journal, but I really need to stay consistent with it.
    There are some really great ideas from the athletes here. And I will definitely take advantage of them.

    And always, always stay positive. Thankfully I’m not lacking in that department😊

  6. Joanna Clark

    A habit that I have picked up since the challenge has been making sure my lunch is packed the night before work. My mornings are always rushed (I’m part of the 5 am crew) so if anything ever came up, lunch would become last priority and I would either buy cafeteria food or stop on my way to work and pick something up. Counting macros keeps me accountable and I’m better able to manage what I put in my body throughout the day.- including a lunch that I know excactly how many macros are in it.

  7. Nick Clark

    I force myself constantly to answer the simple questions that come with doing challenges like this; ‘why and I here at 5 in the morning, I could be in bed snuggled up’ ‘why am I pushing myself for this, I haven’t even seen any results yet’ Answering these questions everyday helps motivate me toward goal accomplishment and wish fulfillment. Now that week 1 is over I started to forecast everything I will eat for the day into my fitness pal. I know how many macros I have as free agents for the day and it helps me visualize where I will be at the end of the day.

  8. Keri T.

    Sometimes our ‘purpose’, our ‘why’ isn’t so clear. For me, it has taken a lot of self-reflection, different life experiences, and daily mentality practices over the years to come close to concretely defining my ‘purpose’, my ‘why’. Not just defining it, but wholeheartedly believing in it (myself). So I 100% agree that because of that… I “can bare almost any how”. Now, determining those ‘hows’ and/or direction is a whole other conversation (lol).

    With that being said, I decided to alter my daily reflection practices for this challenge. First: Instead of writing it on my iPad, I decided to go back to pen and paper.

    Second: ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ (AOG) is something I used to do every night. I will write one thing that I am grateful for; just one word. For this challenge, I practice daily AOG first thing in the morning and make sure it’s the last thing I do at night.

    Third: Follow through on a ‘power down hour’ prior to bed. No electronics 1 hour prior to bed.

    Small consistent changes. I really want to shape up my overall mentality by improving my daily reflection practices/habits.

  9. Craig

    When motivation fades away (and it will) let discipline kick in. Discipline, above all, is the key. Jocko Willink has a great book based on this concept. It’s extremely easy to read but send this powerful message. Disciple = freedom.

  10. Michele G

    You couldn’t be more right with “hour long conversations with Marcy”-lol! As far as habits, keeping track in My Fitness Pal makes me accountable and is a great way to make sure I don’t get off track. I think keeping a record-be it MFP or something else-is a great habit to develop. Planning meals and snacks is my second best habit to ensure I don’t just grab the most convenient (and usually unhealthy) snack when I’m hungry! 😬😬

  11. Jenn

    Since starting the challenge, I have logged all my food (and most times, before I eat it). It really helps to see where I can do better and what I can cut out to get to the weight I’d like to be. I haven’t missed a day and I’m proud of myself for doing it.

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