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What is CrossFit?

CrossFit intergrades constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement to get you in the best shape of your life. The goal of CrossFit’s programming (aside from ensuring that you look good naked) is to prepare you physically and even mentally for the unknown and unknowable. What this means is CrossFit prepares you for whatever life throws at you. From moving your bodyweight or odd objects across any distance or obstacle, to picking up a heavy object up off of the ground and putting it on the counter. Life has enough obstacles, your own body should not be one of them.

1 Constantly Varied
Every “on day” you will have a workout written for you to complete in a class session. The workouts will be very different day to day. After a significant amount of time lapses, we revisit certain workouts to track your progress.
2 High-Intensity
This is a large part of where the dramatic results come from. Intensity and it’s ability to be customized athlete to athlete is also what makes CrossFit so successful for all ages and levels of fitness.
3 Functional Movement
CrossFit Arx prescribes workouts to include movements found in nature. Your body was not made to move in one plane. How practical is a bicep curl? It prepares you to pick something heavy up from your waist area and raise it directly in front of you to your shoulder. What results are you getting from this? How many hours would you need to spend in a gym to get a proper full body workout, including cardio, if you were to concentrate on one body part at a time? How much are you benefiting by repeatedly doing movements that are not found in nature?

The workouts include multi-joint, compound movements. This means that you get a full body workout every time you come in. These movements have a capacity to move large loads over long distances, quickly. This is how we generate power and power is how we get results. Visible results can be seen as well as the physical feats never thought possible.



Why CrossFit?

CrossFit Arx is unlike any gym. You can expect to find a workout prepared for you every class that you come to. You can also expect movements and weights to be changed or “scaled” to your level. No longer do you have to worry about writing your own workout, or if you are doing movements correctly. No one is too young, too old, too skinny, too overweight.

You will not have to worry about if you are doing movements or using equipment correctly. A coach will teach you each movement and stay with the class during the entire workout to ensure movements are done safely, correctly and in a fashion to result in the greatest output.

Tired of walking into a globo gym where no one interacts or even looks at one another? CrossFit Arx offers a community unlike any other. All adult age levels and skill levels work out together and encourage one another. Both crossfitters who come in for their first day as well as athletes who have been crossfitting for years can expect personalized coaching.

Should I get “in shape” before attending CrossFit?

The answer to this question is “NO!”. CrossFit gets you in shape for CrossFit. You will be eased into the movements based on your current physical fitness level as well as your own desire to push yourself.

Worried about not being at the same fitness level as veteran CrossFitters? If you have been to a class you would know that NO ONE NOTICES. Every CrossFit Arx athlete is fighting the same battle. Everyone is sweating together and yes, sometimes bleeding together. Everyone in the community started from a scratch and respects the process of achieving fitness.

Constantly Varied

High Intensity

Functional Movement

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