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Arx Lite

What is Arx Lite?

An Arx Lite workout has the same principles as a regular CrossFit class (Constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement) except we will focus mainly on Metabolic Conditioning (cardio) with lighter weights or purely body weight movements. The purpose of the program is to provide a softer start for people interested in joining the CrossFit movement, while still losing weight, gaining strength, developing endurance and enhancing flexibility.


Who is it For?

Arx Lite is geared towards those who:
  • Are looking to begin their fitness journey.
  • Have had lengthy layoffs from a fitness program and want to start getting back into fitness with a “jogging” start.
  • Want to work on cardiovascular system, body awareness, and athleticism before focusing on strength or power.
  • Generally have more flexible schedules.
  • Want to receive the benefits of CrossFit, at a slower pace.

What Can I Expect?

The goal is to progressively develop your fitness levels safely and effectively in a fun and supportive group setting.

Classes run 30-45min in total duration and include the following elements:
  • Warm-up & Flexibility work
  • Skill (cover the movements/skills needed for the day)
  • Conditioning workout
  • Cool-down & Flexibility work

Class Times & Pricing

Arx Lite is a three day a week program. Classes are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday at 5:30pm. Monthly access to this class is $75.00. *Access to CrossFit classes is not included.

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