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5 Things You Do Wrong When Trying To Lose Weight


5 Things You Do Wrong When Trying To Lose Weight


Over the past few months of INBODY scans we have been conducting to measure athlete’s body weight, body fat percentage, water breakdown and body segment comparison, we have noticed that many of our athletes are making very common mistakes in an attempt to lose weight. These mistakes actually STOP them from losing weight and work against all of their hard gym efforts.


  1. Not Eating Enough Food- Let’s start with the MOST common issue we have seen. Our athletes are just plain overeating! 1995 called and want their rationale back! This was a very common dieting tactic in the 90’s. It was called “don’t eat”. A very popular trend with the models who seemingly survived on cardboard. Athletes who are under fueling themselves are not encouraging their bodies to shed the pounds. Athletes who under eat are reporting lower energy levels and have a harder time losing weight. In order to lose weight, all our body’s processes need to be working at an optimum level. That means it needs the proper fuel both in quantity and type.
  2. Rewarding Hard Work With Junk- I’m sorry guys, I know you just worked your butt off for an hour. You sweat all over the place and worked EVERY body part but don’t ruin it with junk food. Your reward for your hard work is the end result and accomplishing your goals! Get there and get there faster by staying the course.
  3. Replacing Sugar With Sugar Substitute – I’m talking Sweet n’ Low, Equal, Splenda, Truvia, Stevia etc. Research conducted by Harvard found that they may actually promote weight gain as they are far sweeter than the real thing and may desensitize you to sweetness. These substitutes also break down just like sugar as far as the chemical reactions happening in your brain and therefore, your body’s response.
  4. Not Getting Enough Sleep-  There is a reason walking around without a good night’s rest leaves you feeling like a Zombie. Not getting the sleep you need affects ALL of your body’s processes. It also promotes hunger and appetite which can lead to overeating and weight gain. Studies show that when people got enough sleep they consumed less carbohydrates and fats (and also brains?).
  5. Sticking To The Same Routine- This comes from my athletes who make a switch from other fitness programs or recreational running to CrossFit Arx. They work the same time domain , and same isolated body parts every day or same day each week and expect a change! . Work your body’s different systems! Get creative. Go short, long, medium. Work in intensive burst. Work in long, slow tempo. Do it all!

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