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This Sunday we will have a Muscle Up and Rope Climb Clinic co-hosted by Regional & Grid Athlete Lauren Conner as seen on STEVE AUSTIN’S BROKEN SKULL CHALLENGE as well as Regional Spectator and all around ultra-handsome Jacob Conner who ONCE BEAT DANIEL TYMINSKI IN A WORKOUT (I mean not head to head, but Jacob saw his time posted and beat it. So we are counting it).


9:30-11:30 Cost is $20. There is a limit on attendance so please sign up ASAP. Cash or Check!  Even if you feel like you AREN’T EVEN CLOSE to your first muscle up, make the time to come learn the skills and drills you should be practicing to help get you there faster!



50 Pull ups


5 Rounds For Time:

200m Run

20 Burpees

20 Weighted Sit ups (45/25)


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