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Join us tomorrow for Murph at 8,9,10 or 11. There will be a donation jar on the front desk for Colette, a single mom of 5 who is battling stage 4 cancer. A donation is not mandatory, however, it is appreciated. At 5:00pm we will be meeting at IBSP for a bonfire. Please bring a dish, see event group or coach to find out what is needed.




For Time:

30 Ground to Overhead 135/95





Coach Maria, Director of Specialty Training Development;

I remember one early morning at my “globo” gym doing my normal routine of 3 mile warm up on the treadmill and my usual machines when I saw some lunatic jumping up and down on one of the benches, next kicking up on to the wall doing handstands and finally picking up one of the barbells and picking it off the ground and catching it in a squat. After I watched him do this ridiculous cycle for what seemed a chaotic eternity he fell to his back on the floor and had a huge smile and look of relief. By this time he had my attention to at least ask if he needed medical attention. I asked him (subbing a polite question here) what exactly was he doing? He had told me he followed a site, articles, coaches who CrossFit trained. He briefly explained it to me and I agreed that whatever the work out was on Monday – I would give it a whirl. Lucky me, I made that promise on Friday of Memorial Day weekend. So true to CrossFit form…. Mondays “WOD” was Murph. I literally laughed for a solid hour on Monday morning when I realized what I was about to attempt. Running being such a staple in my every day that seemed to be the only thing I thought I could handle – – so I did my 1 mile run on the treadmill in the gym and hopped off and started at my 100 pull-ups 200 push ups and 300 air squats. My pull ups were so slow and done on the assisted pull up machine that was heavily weighted to help me lift myself. My push ups were done on my knees and Lord only knows what my air squats looked like. Upon finishing all the middle work – I damn near thought I was going to die before getting on that treadmill again. I got back on and finished a VERY slow mile, stepped off the treadmill fell to my back in relief and smiled. The insanity made sense and I haven’t stopped since. 11 years later – I have become so much of a stronger athlete and person thanks to CrossFit. Throughout my years in sports – I have been complacent and was satisfied blending in and just competing. This sport has always made me want to be better, be faster, be stronger. In 2010 – I competed with a team in the CrossFit Games Regionals in Albany. In 2011, I qualified for the NorthEast Regionals as an individual. CrossFit has been my life changer. I have seen so much positive changes in myself that I have wanted to share it and be a part of it in other peoples lives. In 2012, I got certified as a CrossFit trainer and there is nothing more fulfilling than to see the difference that this sport makes in peoples lives. To see an athlete, become healthier, get stronger, get faster, be fit and overall have a sense of pride in themselves is nothing short of amazing. I have been blessed for the last 7 years to be around and a part of the CrossFit community , as a coach, a teammate, an athlete and a friend. Present day I have the honor of working at CrossFit Arx where I will be doing Murph for the first time with this community with both some friends and athletes I began the CrossFit journey with and also some I’ve just had the privilege to meet and begin working with. I couldn’t be more excited. See y’all at Murph. -Coach Maria

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