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WOW! Another Open season in the books. Everyone can admit that the 5 weeks is STRESSFUL, CHALLENGING, NERVE-RACKING  and even at times ANNOYING!!! But man oh man the growth that this creates. The Open is also EXCITING, CRAZY, FRUITFUL and HONEST. It is honest because if you give an honest effort, your results will tell you exactly where you are. How wonderful and terrifying at the same time!?!?


I would like to thank all of our sponsors as well as Extreme Sounds Entertainment. What a great year!

Coaches: Thank you for your selfless dedication to the team. I know it wasn’t easy to be on your feet for hours and then expected to perform with little down time between heats. Thank you for stepping up to the plate to create such a smooth Open season for our athletes.

Judges: You guys are the MVPs!!!! Thank you for spending your nights in the trenches getting dirty looks from your best friends. I promise they will love you for the improvement you caused… day 😛

Captains: Wow. You guys did wonderful. I loved how you brought your teams together. Your help in organizing your teams was tremendous and felt every single week.



For Time with a partner:

50 pull ups


1 mile run together


50 Pull ups

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