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Meet Jess “Silva”

1. Have you noticed a difference in your body since you have started at CrossFit Arx?

My body has changed drastically since I have started at CrossFit Arx. I have gained a lot more muscle and am much more toned.

2. Have you noticed a change in your mind since starting at Arx?

I have definitely noticed a change in my mind since starting at Arx. CrossFit definitely helps with dealing with everyday stresses. I am most at ease and relaxed when I’m working out. I truly do not think about anything while I’m there other than hitting my goals.

3. Is there anything that you have accomplished while at Arx that you thought you’d never would be able to accomplish ?

I just competed in my first CrossFit competition this past weekend which I am extremely proud of and I did pretty well ! If you told me on my very first day of crossfit that I would compete in a crossfit competition, I would have never believed it !

4. If you could describe CrossFit Arx in one word, what would it be ?



Workout 12.2

Proceed through the sequence below, completing as many reps as possible in 10 minutes of:

75-lb. /45lbsnatches, 30 reps

135-lb./75lb  snatches, 30 reps

165-lb/100lb . snatches, 30 reps

210-lb./120lb  snatches, as many reps as possible

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