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Athletes always take care of their friends

they never leave the toilet paper roll

after the paper ends.

The bathrooms are stocked,

the rolls are provided.

Paper for all,

in our gym undivided.


20min AMRAP


20 wallballs

10 Burpees


Yesterday was MEMBER MONDAY and that means it is time to learn a little about one of our members.

Emberle has been with us for a year and , boy, has she transformed! She was not new to working out when she came to us, however, her results are stunning. It was not just her body that transformed, but also, her mind! It has been so fun watching you and I know this is just the beginning .

Do you feel you’ve progressed since switching to CrossFit Arx?

“After a year at Arx I have transformed my body. I have progressed 100-fold. I’ve dropped 18 pounds in a year but most importantly I have gained. I am able to do movements and lift weights I never imagined could happen in one year. ”

What makes Arx special?

“Without a doubt the coaches. The training we receive at CrossFit Arx is second to none. The coaches remove the intimidation associated with CrossFit and ensure success. More importantly, they create an environment where all of us members have become a family.

Do you have a special memory at CrossFit Arx?

“My favorite memory was our 2016 Jingle Jangle. It was nice to have so many members together in a friendly competition. The best part of the day was eating and laughing while exchanging and stealing gifts in a game of White Elephant.”

What advice would you give someone who is considering switching to CrossFit Arx?

“You will not regret it! Arx is a place where you will accomplish more in an hour than a week elsewhere. You can trust that you will have the training you need to meet your goals while gaining a fitness family.”

If you could sum up Arx in one word what would it be?


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