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Jingle Jangle 2017!!   SATURDAY, DECEMBER 17TH 9:00AM

This is our 4th annual Christmas party. We begin with a two person team (Male/Female) for a FUN, FRIENDLY, in-house THROWDOWN (that means competition, but we promise it’s not that serious. What I do promise is it will be VERY silly). The higher you finish in the throw down, the later you get to pick a gift for our WHITE ELEPHANT GIFT EXCHANGE (if you go last you basically get to choose any gift you want).

Each member of your team will be bringing in a gift up to $25. This gift should be wrapped. If you decide on a gift card. The card needs to be to a SPECIFIC store.  No general visa etc gift cards. This makes for a much more interesting game. Items make for a even more interesting game. Some people play with gifts that you would not want. We play with gifts that you WOULD want.

So far you need a partner and a gift. The final item that you will need is a dish. Bring any item, paleo or non.

We will workout, we will eat, and we will fight over gifts. MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!



1. Back Squat 6×4

2. 12min EMOM

Odd: 30 II unders

Even: 12 T2B


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