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“Mark 35″
7 RFT:
5 Bench, Bodyweight/70% Bodyweight
5 Cleans, Bodyweight/70% Bodyweight
35 Double unders

Mark Kenney

“Throughout my life I have met many people. None quite like my brother Mark. Mark was someone that was… himself, always. Mark was hard working, dedicated, and strong willed. He was not afraid to tell you how he really felt. If there was something he wanted- a new jet ski, car–he saved, job—he would work for it, a PR 460 bench–he would work for it. Whatever it took.
Mark was a type 1 diabetic. This was something he battled with most of his adolescent life into adulthood. Please help raise awareness by doing this workout and donate if possible to find a cure HERE.
This workout was created in his honor! Please give everything you have the way Mark did – every set, every rep. Never let up!

-Craig Kenney

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