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6:00-7:15 Open Gym

9:00 WOD

12:00 WOD

1-4 Open gym

4:30 WOD

5:30 WOD

6:30 WOD




7 Rounds For Time:

4/2 Muscle ups

7 Push Press (155/105)

7 bar facing burpees

Finisher: 800m run

Let’s take a second to discuss the ring muscle up. I think most of us can agree that when you start CrossFit koolaid sipping, getting your first muscle up is one of the things everyone is most anxious to do. This is GREAT, but there are a few things we need to remember in order to be successful. First of all, muscle ups aren’t like other movements where a coach can tell you where to put your hand, what angle your knee should be at, then BAM, you’ve got it. They aren’t something you can’t truly scale (as seen with other movements) and then slowly add weight to, although we try as best as we can with jumping muscle ups.  Muscle ups are a skill, a highly technical one at that, which requires you to get on the rings 1-400 times trying and failing. Not everyone’s muscle up is created equal and if you notice, everyone will tell you a different way to do it and a different amount of time they spent floundering on the rings, missing.  Yes, of course we all hate the person who gets it on their first try. (You know who you are)

The muscle up is truly a personal journey as you learn so much about you neurological pathways, strengths and weaknesses.  Enjoy the trip, pack a snack.


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