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What you need to know to FIGHT FOR ELENA!!

9am at CrossFit Arx, 1301 N. Industrial way Toms River.

$20 ; exact change is appreciated and donations above accepted. 100% of proceeds go to the Aversa family.

Three different workouts to choose from and YES you can do more than one if you’d like. The workouts will all be run FIGHT GONE BAD style (non crossfitters don’t worry, that means you change movements each minute and at the end of 5 minutes, you get a 1 minute break before you start all over again. ) You can choose from a CrossFit style workout, a strong man workout or a boot camp workout (non crossfitters, this one’s for you ) . If you remember, bring your notebook for your counter to write down your reps. If not your phone will work perfectly. Remember this is for fun so HAVE A BLAST FIGHTING FOR ELENA !!!

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