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The 2014 season has come to a close. Please be sure to congratulate D2 for receiving the Spirit of the Arx award! Such a positive, hardworking athlete. I think I speak for the entire Arx Army when I say that we are so excited to witness his journey.

I hope each one of you enjoyed the CrossFit Open as well as our fun Open Games Night! I loved what I saw on the floor and what I saw on the sidelines. This group of athletes is very special. One that is not found just anywhere.


Thank you to our judges. You guys did a great jobs with few to zero bathroom/water/food breaks.

Big thank you to Coach John who spent his Friday nights judging, Saturday morning, and Sunday afternoon judging. I don’t know what Arx would do without you.


*Please submit your scores.


2015 starts NOW. Use this Open to assess where you are as well as where you would like to be.

More on this coming soon…


If you have received an email stating your membership fees are in the coming days (not the first) but always pay on the first- your fee is still due on the first.


*Please be prompt with payment.



Death by

EMOM Cindy

Until work can not be completed in minute

5 Pul Ups

10 Push Ups

15 Squats



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