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13.5- It’s a wrap!


13.5- It’s a wrap!


So the announcement of 13.5…I have to say I really didn’t have feelings about this one- nothing negative and nothing positive. Ah, thrusters and chest to bar…what can I say while I don’t love the thruster I am able to do them and the chest to bar; well I can barely get a legit pull-up, so chest to bars, while I would try they did not seem feasible.

I was home from my 2 week vacation for 9 hours when I walked into Arx to complete 13.5. Vacation bloat certainly would not help my plight, but to say I was thrilled to be home would be an understatement- for some reason failing in your own box feels so much better than in foreign territory. I warmed up and it was time. Fifteen thrusters down and then I was onto the bar- my judge provided some tips and while she said I was close one time- I felt like I was miles away. I was hopeful to get one, I didn’t. My final score 15. Would I have loved a 16, yes, was I upset with my 15- not at all. While it is important that we push ourselves and try what we think may be impossible, I think it is always important to remain somewhat realistic…setting the bar too high can lead to discouragement and really there is no room for that in the life of a crossfitter.

Like I have said a million times during this Open I have a lot to work on, chest to bars is officially on the list. I have to laugh- give me a homeless person with nothing and I can hook them up with housing, income, medical/mental health services, etc. with in a month- ask me to heave my body on/over a bar and I will be working on that for months- maybe longer.

The 2013 Open is over. True to her word my coach has put me to work everyday after the WOD- I don’t ask questions, I listen and do. I trust in her that the work she has me doing will benefit me, not just with my toes to bar (if you read my 13.4 entry, you get it), but overall with being on that damn bar. I want to share my plan- I have a t-shirt coming from Crossfit Bone Island and once I get my toes to bar, I plan to have someone video me while wearing their tee and I will send my video to Alex (he was my judge for 13.4) and show him- I got to work.

Enough about me, I need to mention how proud and excited us Arxonians are that our coach has made it to regional’s. The air in the box seems lighter, I feel like we are all working a little harder; plans for a road trip are in the works. I mention this because being part of the Open myself I am amazed that someone is that good that they move on to something so much bigger than themselves. Lauren you are the woman, you are the definition of hard work- you lead by example and because you do you motivate me and I am sure others to show up and leave our blood, sweat and tears on the floor everyday. We will be routing you on whether we are there in person or back at home…and remember no matter what happens I am proud to call you my friend and coach. Love ya girl.



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