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We wish you a happy and healthy Christmas surrounded by the ones you love. 



To be completed ” at home”

For Time and Quality:

100 sit ups

4 Rounds:

Run 2 min

Jog/Recover  1 min

4 Rounds:

Run 1 min

Jog/Recover :30sec

4 Rounds:

Sprint :30sec

Jog/Recover 15sec

100 sit ups

You are to complete the 100 sit ups before moving on to the running portion. After the running portion, you will finish the WOD with another 100 sit ups. The clock starts at the start of the sit ups and ends when the ending set is complete.  You will finish all your rounds at 2 minutes before moving on to your rounds at 1 minute. There is no extra rest between each for rounds. For example, after my forth round at 2:00 run with 1:00 rest, I only get my 1:00 rest before starting my first round at 1:00 run with :30 seconds rest.

Call/text/msg me with any questions about the WOD.

Yes I am expecting them 😛

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