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Open Gym 10-12


This will be a friendly THROWDOWN followed by our Christmas Party.

Christmas Party Details. 

-Please bring a gift for our White Elephant gift exchange. $25 cap. These gifts can be fun, silly, or seriously awesome.

-Please bring a paleo dish to enjoy post THROWDOWN

– Bring beverage of your choice (paleo or not 😛 ) 

Throwdown  Details

– Cost is 10$/ person to go the LEP Foundation

-Event will kick off at 9am. That means first event begins at 9am. Must arrive earlier to check in and warm up

– Event will be announced the day of

-Teams will be co-ed and will consist of 1 “rx” athlete and 1 “scale” athlete.

-A scaled athlete ,FOR THIS EVENT, is unable to do unassisted pull ups, hit wallball targets, complete unassisted chest to bar, toes to bar, handstand push ups to floor, (155/115) clean and jerk (135/95) snatch etc.

-Must submit team name and athletes by Monday, December 2nd

– Coaches have the ability to change an athlete’s rx or scale status. 

– Everyone will participate in 3 Events. 

– Throwdown placings to determine white elephant order. 


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