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Today we start our next strength cycle. We introduced everyone to a comparatively light, short strength cycle this past summer to prep your body. We will now be entering one slightly more demanding. Some days during the week will be more structured than others. This is to ensure that we get through all the pieces of the workout within the assigned hour. Please do everything possible to make sure that you are ready to begin class at the scheduled time. If you need to change your shoes once we start lifting, have your shoes out. If you need to tape up your hands, have your tape cut and ready. If you need to use the bathroom, get there early enough to do so or begin your warm up early if you have a last minute pee-pee problem.

We will be placing time caps on each piece so that we can move through the hour without issue. We want to have fun in class but we also want to take our bodies to places we never knew possible, with end results we thought we could only dream about. Please respect our time caps and the desire of the people around you to work hard, without interruption.

Please pay attention while instructions are being given. The workouts are posted the night before. Check the website often and look up anything that you are unsure of. Yes, coaches are there to coach you in class, however, we can accomplish much more if you remember the basics about each movement we are doing. Our coaches are eager to sharpen up your skills but please pay attention and remember what you are being taught. Your notebooks are a valuable tool. Do not be afraid to take notes on different movements or tips a coach gave you that helped you preform.

Lastly*** We are coaches. Not your personal DJ. It is impossible to make everyone in the class happy with the music. Most of the music being played each class has been requested by someone in the class. If you are complaining about the music.-> Shut up and work harder.  There will be a 50 burpee penalty for ANY comment about the music good or bad- with the except of a request to turn it down because you can not hear instruction.

As most of you are aware we are in a very SLOW process with Comcast (sucksville) to have wifi at the gym. When this occurs  (cross your fingers) the music situation will greatly improve and these problems will have been solved. Oh, and the burpee penalty will be no more. Help us get through this transition period. It is as painful for us as it is for you.


Back Squat



3 RFT:


10 Power or Squat Snatch (115/160)

20 Wallballs

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