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3, 2, 1…go!

Ah, the kick off of the 2013 Crossfit open. The buzz has been in the air for well over a month in the box. This being my first time participating, I was not sure what to expect; and then 13.1 was announced. I looked over the WOD, watched the demo and thought okay snatches and burpees; well I will certainly give it my best.

Unfortunately, I was unable to be at the box for the official WODing times so I had to make it up Friday morning. I saw all the posts and pictures from Thursday night and was sad I missed all the fun, but it certainly pumped me up. My performance was good; I surpassed my goal by 18 reps, scoring 118 total. If you know me, like the majority of the world I dislike burpees, not because they are hard, but because they tire me out…quickly. Surprisingly, I performed the burpees faster then I thought I would. There was a sense of fire in me, I wasn’t only WODing for myself, I was WODing for my box.  When it was all over, I signed my tally sheet with a smile and thought one down…13.2 bring it on.

I left, showered and went to work (in the snow, which if you know me I do not love) and felt like I was on a cloud- I was high from the WOD, from the feeling that I did good and that I was participating in something far bigger than myself. I walked into work and began telling everyone what I did and what the open was and thought to myself if I could bottle up this feeling, I would be a millionaire. There is nothing comparable to the natural high that crossfitting gives us, I plan to remember that when I am mid 13.2 and am feeling like I will die.

I look forward to challenges that the remaining open WOD’s will bring and being immersed in the energy of the box. To my Arx family, you are inspiring, I am proud to know you, to sweat with you and to share in your accomplishments; now lets continue to kick ass just like our coaches taught us to do!



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