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Push Press


Let’s hit that strength hard going into the CrossFit Open. Remember it begins March 6th.

Starting the week of the 4th, we will be following Thursday/Sunday as off days. We will keep the off days consistently Thurs/Sun as Games WODs will be held on Friday Night and Saturday morning (time TBA). This is a five week long process.

 The first week, however, is the Paleo Challenge finish. Thursday the 7th will be an off day, however we will be holding the first Games WOD that night and Friday night as Saturday will be the Paleo Challenge finale. This means that those athletes competing in the Open who would like to do the WOD Thursday night will be able to do so.  The following week we will follow the Friday night/Saturday morning games schedule. You are allowed to do the WOD multiple times, although we do not suggest it. There is a $5 fee every time you do each WOD due at the time of completion.

We encourage those who are not competing to show up with a six pack and their pom poms to cheer everyone on.

Let’s get our feet wet as we get ready to bring it to competitions this summer.

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