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As most of you know, Jacob and I started our CrossFit career at CrossFit NWA in Bentonville, AR. This is where we learned what CrossFit MEANS… and when I say that I am not talking about the physical aspect. I am referencing the heart, the integrity, the family, the determination etc. I am talking about the stuff your character is made of. We learned what is really means to be CROSSFIT by watching Lee Kelly day in and out.


Although none of you know him, you know a little piece of his dream that we brought out with us to NJ. In saying this, I’d like for you all to honor his third anniversary of his cancer diagnosis with us.

(Lee is now cancer free and runs one of the premiere boxes in the midwest!)


Three year anniversary and cancer free. Some know the story and some do not. What is known is that I am not one to say poor me, I can’t do this because I had cancer.

On Thursday January 7th 2010 I was diagnosed with cancer. By Monday January 11th I was in surgery and scheduling my chemotherapy treatments. I was told by my doctor that due to the aggressive chemotherapy treatments I would lose all of my hair, never be able to have kids again, and that it would take at least a year for me to physically recover and be back to my previous level of fitness.

I had no idea what I was in store for. The “Chemo” totally destroyed me. The after affects were the worst thing I’ve ever experienced. I was sick for days after and literally couldn’t get out of bed. During one of my treatments as I sat there hooked up to the machine while it pumped poision into my body I put together a WOD. As my programming has shown, my favorite movements are Olympic lifts. It was given the name “Chemo.”

Once all the treatments were over I never lost a stitch of hair and within 30-45 days I was back in the gym completing WODs RX (although I was usually the last to finish). I remember one of my first wods back was “Kelly”. I was the very last person to finish at almost an hour, but everyone in the gym stuck around and cheered me on like I was competing for a gold medal at the Olympics. A few months after my last treatment Jenn and I were told we had a son on the way. Our first reaction was how’s this possible and our second was, is he going to be healthy because of the toxins that were put into my body. Needless to say Jarret Chance (meaning Strong Chance) was born healthy and full of energy. The only explanation the doctors could give was, it must be due to your level of health and fitness. It’s time to get it done once again.


5 RFT of:
Run 400m
3 Power Snatches (135/95)
9 Squat Cleans
12 Shoulder to OH


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