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CrossFit Arx is excited to announce that we have partnered up with ROCK GYMNASTICS, to bring Kids Gymnastics classes to our athletes in training! Wanna WOD while your children are in the same building with trusted gymnasts? No extra stops to drop your children off. No looking for a babysitter. Just let the future athletes work on their fitness in a fun way, under the same roof as you! 

Come check out The Rock GYMNASTICS this Saturday at 9:00. Drop the mini athletes off at 8:45 and hit the WOD at 9! Cost for this Saturday’s introductory class is $5!



Back Squat

20min to find your 3 rep max


12min AMRAP

2 Box Jump (20/24)

2 Weighted Push Up (15/25)

4 Box Jump

4 Weighted Push Ups

6 Box Jumps

6 Weighted Push Ups

…..continue until time runs out

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