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Christmas Eve-Open (9am&10am)

Christmas Day-Closed

Saturday, Dec 29th Holiday Night Out -8pm

Saturday, Jan 5th Sandy Hook Elementary  Fundraiser- 9am


15 Minute AMRAP (As many rounds as possible)

Box Jumps 24/20
Overhead Walk 95/65
3 Burpees at the top of every minute.

 When the clock begins both athletes will start off by doing 3 burpees.   Immediately afterwards Athlete #1 will start doing as many box jumps as possible while your partner Athlete #2 does a Overhead Walk 50 ft to a mark and 50 ft back (total 100 Feet).  Once partner Athlete #2 gets back to the box he/she relieves Athlete #1 from doing box jumps and the partners will switch as Athlete #2 picks up where Athlete #1 was at on the rep count of box jumps.  Athlete #1 will pick up the loaded barbell and do the Overhead Walk (100 Ft) and both Athletes will keep switching back and forth for a total of 15 minutes.  Remember at the top of the minute the Coach will Scream BURPEES!  and the Athletes will drop whatever they are doing and jump down and do 3 Burpees.  Once they finish the Burpees they will continue where they left off.  Your team score is the Total Amount of Box Jumps you completed.

If there is a single Athlete w/o a partner:

As Many Rounds As Possible in 15 Minutes of:
15 Box Jumps
100 Meter Overhead Walk
3 Burpees at the top of every minute

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