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If you have not signed up for a dish for the Paleo BBQ on Sept 1st try to do so this week so we can see what we have/need. We will WOD at the Arx and head around the corner to the Grahams’ for the BBQ. Bring your bathing suit because we are invading their pool!

Also- Sign up begins Wednesday! … Time to step your Olympic Lift game up. Class time only allows for so much instruction and skill work. If you are looking for that next big jump in weight for your PR or just want to understand the movements better and feel more comfortable, this seminar is it! Jan DeBenedetto, Team New Jersey coach and competitor, will be visiting the Arx on September 8th to put this seminar on. The seminar will last from 9am-4pm. Cost is $40 for the day. COME GET SOME!

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