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12.07.16 Rest Day


12.07.16 Rest Day

Man that cycle really flew by! I bet your bodies beg differ. We beat you up this cycle and then looked you right in the face with a grueling WOD that was as much of a physical test as a mental test. You were either one of two people.. today well three- (third being those of us who did not show up today). You either tried your hardest today rep after rep; no matter how heavy that weight felt, no matter how many attempts you failed at, no matter how hopeless it got. Or you folded. You checked out mentally because it got tough. A little tougher than what we’ve become accustomed too.


For those of us who folded, use this. Use today, remember what it felt like when you were done. Remember that unfulfilled  feeling. These are the days that we grow the most. These are the days that develop our bodies as well as our character. There is a certain pride in the struggle. An escalated value in goals achieved through literal blood, sweat and tears.


For those of us who gave a 100%. Great job. The mental game is of the hardest to conquer. I am extremely proud of you and have faith that you are ready to take your fitness to the next level.


And lastly, those who skipped today- you are pathetic 😛 .. no, but seriously… 🙂



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