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12.02.12 Rest Day Reading


12.02.12 Rest Day Reading

2017 CrossFit Arx Open Night

Who: EVERYONE. Every single athlete. There will be RX, Scaled and Master’s divisions.

What:  For the first time in Arx history, we will break up into three teams. Teams will be decided at the first ever Arx draft on Sunday, February 19th by the three team captains.  All athletes will be submitting their scores into the CrossFit world wide open as well as be a part of one of the three Arx teams within the gym. All athletes need to register online on the team CrossFit Arx to be considered for the draft. Please go to to register yourself as an individual and then select CrossFit Arx as your team. You will choose your division the first week if it is not age based. Once you have registered online on Team “CrossFit Arx” you have been entered into the draft! Teams will get points each week for  number of participants, scores, PRs, and team spirit.

When: This is a 5 week competition that will take place each Friday Night starting February 24th at 7:00pm.

Where: At CrossFit Arx. Bring your friends and family to cheer your team on!

Why: Because YOU are awesome and because you just wanna do fun things with your friends 🙂

No but really, this is a great way to measure your fitness and see your progress across the years.

Deadline to be entered into the draft is 9:00am Sunday Feb 19th.

Price: There are two fees associated with this competition. CrossFit HQ will require a $20 online payment when signing up. This is separate from our gym. CrossFit Arx is requiring a $25 payment made at the gym. Our CrossFit Arx Open shirts will be provided on a first come, first serve basis and sizes are limited.

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